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Healthy Eating – How To Eat Right For Better Health


The Best Time to Eat Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner: When it comes to having your very basic and regular three meals of the day that is: breakfast, lunch and dinner, one simply shoves the food down his throat, like any other task of the day, which is to be performed on daily basis, without paying any attention to the time of having those meals.

However, for these meals to give your body the adequate amount of energy and essential nutrition, it is very imperative to have them at its right time because right timings are as essential as the meal items itself. Therefore, having your food may sound very simple, but it may become one of those biggest mistakes that make huge difference to your body, overall health and fitness. Hence, it becomes really imperative for each one of us to know the right timings to have your regular three meals.

Healthy Eating Tips


Below are some points that you need to watch and analyze once, to instill the habit of having food at its necessary time:
How often do you holdup your breakfast or miss your meal after a heavy workout? How frequently do you eat right before you sleep? Do you take long gaps between your meals? Hence deciding the right time to eat your food can be a tricky question to answer.

Below are the proper guidelines that you should follow with respect to your usual three meals of day, offering you a healthy lifestyle:


You should aim to eat within the gap of 30 minutes after waking up in the morning
The best time to have your first meal of the day is Around 7am
Your breakfast should not be delayed later than 10am
Make sure you incorporate a good amount of protein into your breakfast


The best time to have lunch is around 12:45pm
You must maintain a difference of just about 4 hours between your breakfast and lunch
Your lunch should not be delayed past 4pm


The best time to take dinner is before 7pm

Make sure you should keep a gap of 3 hours between your dinner and the time you sleep
Delaying your dinner past 10 pm is not considered to be healthy thing to do
Eating right before going to bed can disturb your healthy sleep
What you don’t consume off will likely be stored as fat in your body, as you turn out to be less dynamic towards the end of the day
Eating too much near sleep time boosts your blood glucose and insulin levels, which makes it harder to sleep
Your last supper must be lightest of the day and needs to be eaten before three hours prior to your sleep time at night.

Cultivate a good eating habit as this will not only keep in shape, but it will help you ward off health issues.


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